Wood and Wool

Working hands on with both wood and wool based knitted textiles I have built a knowledge and understanding of the materials and crafts that accompany them. This experience sparked the idea to combine these two natural materials to create a new material that incorporates both. The project explores the interplay between these different materials and how this interaction allows me to push the boundaries of traditional knitting practice.

Gathering textures from the Hague and DJCAD

The physical characters of wood and wool complement each other. Wood is hard while wool is soft and elastic, this means that the wool forms easily around the wood. I have worked with the natural properties of the materials to enhance and add to their existing properties. There are numerous sound absorbers on the market, mostly designed for offices, they tend to use simple, flat designs. I wanted to design a sound absorber with texture, colour and pattern that visually enhances the space in addition to its acoustic properties.

In addition to the natural wood and wool combination, I have also experimented with technical yarns, such as thermosetting, thermoformable, elastic and high shrinking yarns in combination with the wool to help create and maintain structure.

Collection 1

Collection 2

My final collections comprise multipurpose materials that combine wood, wool and knitting processes. They are designed to enhance spaces, creating more thoughtful and healthy interior environments.