I am Vera Bergshoeff

a Textile material designer

My Process

Every Project I start with gathering inspiration, then I will visit the location of where I base my project off to gather photos and drawings to work from. I mainly look for textures. The photos I also use later on to use for composotions. When I have a few drawings done, I will introduce colour, this means that I won't get distracted by the colours initially. I then also start to introduce yarns

and start to experiment on the knitting machine. 

I work the best by going on the knitting machine and just start developing ideas, because that is how the best ideas develop. After every sample I reflect on it to see what to improve and what to change and keep that in mind with the next sample. Eventually I will have a look at all the samples 

together and decide which are best to take forward and start placing them in context to see if they work.

In my degree I have learned to work with different kinds of knitting machines. I also learned about printing, dyeing of yarns and fabric and learned to finish knitted textiles. I work with sketchbooks to keep my process in order and make notes on how I made a sample, so that I know how I got to a certain result.


Textile /material design

Furniture design and making


2024 Roadley award for Innovation in Sustainability

2023 The Weaver Incorporation of Dundee - First prize Textile innovation for industry 

2023 CMS future design star award (ND)

2023 Commendation for Hallmark connections award (ND)

2023 Commendation for Sanderson design group award (ND)

2020 University of Dundee, Centre for entrepeneurship - Enterprising Team Award and Audience prize best pitch in the category "Most enterprising team"


2023 New designers

2022 Group exhibition Design for living module in Dundee Overgate

2021 Group exhibition Rebel Tartan at Sustainable leadership for a sustainable planet

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact me on my email adress